• Image of Sleight of Hand #02

Sleight of Hand's second issue is 28 double sided, black and white, hand-bound pages filled with photographs taken at Gonerfest 6 (September 2009 in Memphis, TN) with a feature essay by Trip Cook.

Bands include: A Burning Bus, Box Elders, Cheater Slicks, CoCoComa, Davila 666, Earthmen and Strangers, Gentleman Jesse, Girls of the Gravitron, Hunx and his Punx, King Louie One Man Band, Magic Kids, Magnetix, Mantles, Nobunny, Overnight Lows, Reatards, River City Tanlines, Shitty Beach Boys, Sonic Chicken 4, Tampoffs, Teenage Whoremoans, Thee Oh Sees, The Intelligence, Thomas Function, Ty Segall, Useless Eaters, and White Wires.

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